Our Chef

Master Chef

An experienced and dedicated chef, Thor, who specializes in Chinese cuisine has been serving in several hotels and restaurants in the past 23 years. With vast experiences in handling different roles in the kitchen, Thor has developed his way of managing and operating.

Being born in Penang has privileged Thor to develop a highly sensitive taste bud, influenced by a variety of scrumptious local food. His picky taste bud has made him endevoured to be a chef.

Thor joined ZhongHua Seafood Restaurant in 2012, mainly handling the preparation of banquet and daily serving. To maintain the food quality, Thor is particular in choosing ingredients. Thor always keeps close to the trend, which helps him to create a wide array of new dishes.

Dim Sum Master Chef

Penangite, native of Guangdong. Ho has strong interest in the profound cultural of Chinese cuisine especially the Cantonese Dim Sum. He has been serving as a kitchen crew in Kuala Lumpur and Brunei but he chose to return to his hometown–Penang.

Ho has more than 20 years of experience and his enthusiasm for his craft was boundless. His motivation drives him to be a perfectionist in culinary.

Ho has categorized Dim Sum into 2 major components – salty and sweety. Example for salty Dim Sum are shrimp dumplings, siu mai, cheong fun, pork rib, char siew pau, carrot cake, yam cake, spring roll just to name a few. While sweet Dim Sum are Ma Lai Gou, egg tart, pandan lotus pau, etc.